Root Of The Music - Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation Band

Root Of The Music - Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation Band

Grammy award winner Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation Band releaase new rootical album!!!

“Root of the Music” is the second full-length album release from this Jamaican – Italian cultural collaboration that has been creating a stir on the reggae and world music scene!



JAMAICA, W.I. (September 5, 2018) – A national award and standing ovations preceded this latest musical offering by Jamaica’s Richie Stephens and the multicultural Ska Nation Band! The Jamaican people rose to their feet at Jamaica’s National Independence celebrations in early August, dancing and chanting their approval of this fresh force in reggae music! This latest album of reinterpreted classics, and new works, features an impressive cast of contributors, Richie Stephens and Adriatic Records, have levelled things up. They’ve reinvigorated the ska sound…and it’s worked!!


This album marks a huge step in Richie Stephens aim to pay tribute to the core of his country’s cultural capital, which he does in a huge way in “Give Thanks”. But “Root of the Music”, is the title track and in its intro Richie sets the tone and lays the foundation for the musical journey on which the listener is about to embark. Track after track, Richie delivers solid vocal performances in English and Italiano. He is ably supported by a solid stable of musicians from Salento, Italy who display a genuine appreciation and tremendous musicality.


“Everything done in time, everything take a little time”, is not only the refrain of “Time is the Master” but a reminder of the endurance required to create any change or thing. The ska versions of Italian standards “Volare” are the stuff musical dreams are made of; it is evident that a lot of love from its Jamaican and Italian creators went into this labour. And as Rankin Lele and Papa Leu sing in “You Can’t Run Away”, “love ah di greatest ting!” The previously released “Country Bus” and “Joy feat. Toots Hibbert ” are included on the album, as is a brand new major collaboration called “No G.M.O.” featuring Mutabaruka, Cocoa Tea, Ninja Man, Louie Culture, Romain Virgo, Tammi T, Wanye J and Ed Robinson. There are all ambassadors of the worldwide Ska Nation!


Ska is as much as a sound, as it is a dance, a feeling and a movement;  With this release from Pot of Gold Productions and Adriatic Sound, the supremely unifying power of the music is seen as much as it is heard. Countries around the world are reverberating to this sound – the first international music out of Kingston, Jamaica..tune een!

Click here for the player !!!

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